Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh, Beautiful for Spacious Skies

Last night a trip to a neighboring town for a patriotic concert ended sooner than expected.  We arrived late after grabbing supper at a drive-through and then the band only played for another 15 minutes.  How disappointing.  But on our drive home we saw God's handiwork in the skies. 

A decrepit limestone house.


  1. Beautiful photos! God's grand display and a song in the heart is worth more than anything man can put forth. Happy 4th to you!

  2. So true. It's amazing how God care enough to thwart our plans so that He can give us something better: like a majestic sunset.

  3. Beautiful photos! Love them! (may I suggest you make them larger? They would look even more amazing!)

    May we join the skies and praise His name today!

  4. Thank you for the suggestion, Becky. I admire your gorgeous photographs.

  5. WOW! On this size your photos look amazing! :)

    Blessing God with you today!


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