Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Delay Button

Nearly every evening my husband or I prepare the coffee maker for my husband's early morning exodus for work. Our coffee maker is over five years old, yet still does a great job of making coffee. There is one problem though, the delay start button is not securely attached. It will pop off when you scoot the coffee maker over or totter to the floor when you hit this button.

As I picked up the "delay start" button off the counter top this evening, I wondered if there was a time when delay is a good thing. For our coffee maker and dishwasher it's an added convenience we regularly use. For most of us we delay taking action when it's needed: asking for forgiveness for a wrong, going on a diet and exercise plan or giving up a bad habit. Delay is so much easier than confrontation. Then the delay can lead us to worry and wasted time. "You may delay, but time will not," said Benjamin Franklin. The time we fritter away by procrastination is gone forever.

When you know you should do something and you don't, it's a sin. So says God's Word (James 4:17) Resolve to not hit that "delay start" button.

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