Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tasteless Tea

For fun and sometimes minimal compensation I test and review products. This week I'm testing a new formulation of a popular bottled tea. I've been dealing with a sinus infection so my sense of taste has vanished. So how can I honestly provide feedback on something that tastes bland? "I'm sorry I did not enjoy the new formulation of tea. Would you mind sending me another box to test in two weeks?"

This morning as I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee that soothed my sore throat as it journeyed downward, I was reminded of a verse that tells us to "taste and see that the Lord is good." But what if our sense of taste has been altered by a steady diet of spiritual junk food? Will we remember the satisfying taste that the wholesome Word of God offers? Have we been dieting on novels we read, worthless TV shows, incessant music on our MP3 players, a church that doesn't preach the whole counsel of God?

I have my own struggles too as a full-time parent. It's tempting to leave the TV on all day just for the noise and to waste too much time online. What are some solutions for a healthier diet?
  • Turn the TV off and enjoy some of your favorite Christian artists on Pandora.
  • If you can't juggle a book in one hand and a baby in the other listen to the Bible online.
  • Don't waste all your time reading secular books on your e-reader. I don't have an e-reader but I do use Kindle for PC and I find it easier to use my wireless mouse to scroll through a hard copy of the Bible. (I also love that I can add unlimited notes too!)
  • Have a verse texted to your phone in the morning. I have a high maintenance daughter who requires lots of attention in the morning so it's nice to know my phone has a verse waiting for me when I get a chance to check it in the morning.
  • Look for God's glory in creation. Notice something beautiful about the world He created. Even if all you see of the outdoors is through your living room window. Maybe you notice a robin tugging on a worm in your front yard or see that a flower is beginning to make it's way out of the ground.
Start enjoying a diet heavy with the protein God has to offer His children.

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