Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life is Like . . . Wheel of Fortune

When God leads me down a difficult path, I know He has a purpose for doing so.  He's not wasting the pain on me, but intends to mature my faith.  Last year presented some medical complications surrounding the birth of Abby.  As a result I was treated by numerous doctors and nurses over the course of ten days.  In hindsight the complications could have been noticed and perhaps prevented, but God did not allow this. 

Now as a stay-at-home mom I really have a desire to further my education.  The issue is I  . . . stay-at-home.  Thus I'm not bringing in any income.  So I have time to take some classes, but not the finances.  In the last couple of weeks Jeff and I have gone back and forth about me taking a part-time job or an online class, or waiting for a part-time job I want to open up, or maybe I should take night classes in a nearby city . . . so many decisions.  I feel like I'm on Wheel of Fortune and God has spun the wheel for me. Now I'm anxiously waiting for the wheel to stop on a prize (hopefully not the bankrupt option).  I know God has foreordained a plan for me and it's exciting to see the "prize" He has in store for me.  It may be an option I never considered and He will reveal that in His perfect time.

So what do last year's medical experiences have to do with this?  As a result of my extended hospital stay I really have a desire to obtain a job/certification in the medical field.  Perhaps this is the direction God wants me to take and I wouldn't have this passion or desire if I had not been treated by such caring individuals. 

When making decisions about my future:
  • I want God's peace in my heart regarding the option I pursue
  • I want Jeff to approve of what I do-yes, he has the power to veto my choice
  • I don't want to put our family in dire financial difficulty
  • I want Jeff and I to remain the primary caregivers to Abby
  • I want Jeff and I to be able to spend quality time together
  • I will be praying about my options (although it would be so much easier to cast lots)

"He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He also will hear their cry and save them." Psalm 145:19

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