Monday, August 15, 2011

Second Camping Trip

Thanks to an unusually hot summer we've not been able to take Abby tent camping.  I suppose she would have probably handled the heat better than Jeff and I;  she's quite the outdoors-baby.  Over the weekend we took Abby on her second camping trip to visit Lake Wilson.  The weather was pleasant.  Fishing was excellent for Jeff.  I enjoyed my s'mores.  It was a lovely trip and reminded us why we love camping so much.

Here are just a few pictures from our one-night stay.  I suspect we will be returning in the very near future.

Fun with effects.

I believe I captured some of the dreaded zebra mussels. 


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Wish I knew the answer on the tree... Whatever it is, that is a cool picture. =)

  2. We love camping too. Those are glorious photos. Thanks for sharing!


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