Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Facts

Fact:  I am currently able to eat the equivalent of three grown men, okay, maybe only two.

Fact:  I am not training for a marathon or a century (bike ride), just going for a walk here and there.

Fact:  I no longer eat frozen yogurt, just regular ol' fattening ice cream.

Fact:  Certain female acquaintances seem rather jealous of my diet.

Fact:  Nutella is great on banana bread with slices of banana on top.

Fact:  The bigger Abby gets, the louder she screams.

Fact:  Car rides are much more enjoyable when you have someone to talk to.

Fact:  Car rides are much more enjoyable when that someone is a coherent adult, not a screaming baby.

Fact:  I do not enjoy testing the "Low Fuel" light out to determine how much gas is really in our truck.

Fact:  Sometimes gas stations in Kansas are more than 30 miles apart.

Fact:  We coasted into a gas station yesterday.

Fact:  Baby girls know how to flirt when they are only nine months old.

Fact:  Mommy and Daddy are very scared.

Fact:  Daddy is already plotting ways to scare young men away in the future.

Fact:  People are not trustworthy.

Fact:  God is. 

Today I'm linking up with Larri at Seams Inspired:

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  1. I love your facts, and Nutella and ice cream too. Glad you linked up, although I'm late again.:-) Blessings!


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