Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Facts

Fact:  Some days I wish I had a chauffeur.

Fact:  Some days I wish I had a nanny.

Fact:  Some days I wish I had a private chef.

Fact:  I'm glad I don't have a boss as I might be fired or demoted from my job as a mom.  

Fact:  Being a mom is about growing increasingly unselfish.  You get to do what you want to do less and less.

Fact:  I still do not know my directions.  Questioning me at random times won't make me "learn" them.  Should I let me husband know this?

Fact:  In Kansas don't expect to be entertained, you must drive to the entertainment.

Fact:  If a Kansan tells you it takes an hour to get there, double that.

Fact:  If I do turn the TV on, the first channel I switch it to is the Food Network.

Fact:  Over the weekend I purchased a set of Lincoln Logs in its original box for $1.00.

Fact:  I would love to decorate a baby room with retro toys.

Fact:  I dread being displaced into the wide open plains as I sense my husband would like to move from the "big city" (pop. 3,665) to no man's land. 

Fact:  I tried sunflower butter and dove meat for the first time (not together) and they were both okay.  I could live my life without eating either again.

Fact:  I stay up too late nearly every night thinking I can accomplish more, but waking up less than rested in the morning.

Fact:  I purposely avoided watching any 9/11 footage.  It's entirely too heartbreaking.  I remembered without re-watching.  The images are forever burned into my memory. 

Fact:  I am thankful for the journey God has led me on since 2001.  I'm just beginning to grasp a little of His ways and am hungry to learn more.

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  2. Thanks so much for joining us! Your Kansas remarks brought back many memories for me, as I grew up in the Southeast (couldn't resist) corner of that great state...and I'd love to live in the wide open spaces again. Alas, my man is a born-and-bred Southernor. ☺

    Kudos to you for trying the dove meat. Be sure to show snaps when you get that retro toy room completed. Sounds like a fabulous idea!

    Thanks again for playing Monday Facts. Happy Tuesday! ☺

  3. I'm not sure I could bring myself to eat dove - you are braver than I am!

  4. I really like your facts. I really like the retro toy idea, not watching the 9/11 reruns, and I too am guilty for staying up too late to finish things just to find myself too tired to get going the next day. Blessings!


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