Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Excuse for Flabby Muscles

Jeff and I were talking recently about how much easier it was to be single.  I love being married, but it was easy to become selfish when I was single.  It didn't matter what my spouse wanted to do because I didn't have one.  Life was mostly about me and there were fewer responsibilities.  The money I earned was mine to do with as I pleased.  I could eat what and when I wanted. I could travel whenever I felt like it, budget permitting.

Marriage changed everything.  It was no longer about me, it was about "us."  Everything I did affected him and vice versa.  Gradually our habits changed to accommodate one another:  hobbies, sleep patterns, temperature of the house, decorating styles and so much more.  Along with change came challenges.   Sometimes I disagreed with his way of doing things.  Sometimes he thought he was right and he wasn't.  Okay, I've been wrong on numerous occasions also.

Adding a baby to the picture changed our lives even more.  We love being parents, but it's a daily challenge.  I always wonder if I'm parenting the right way.  Abby tests my patience and has quite the rebellious streak.   Parenting is frustrating.  There can be highs and lows within the span of 10 minutes.  I love being a parent, but it's sometimes it's like having a tiny stalker who will not leave you alone.  (lol) 

So we had this conversation about singleness because I told Jeff how much easier life would be if I were single and holed up in a monastery or convent.  The temptations would be fewer.  It would be so much easier to read my Bible, fast, and pray and be shut away from the din of today's technology and the dangers lurking around every corner.   It would be easy to appear saint-like when separated from stress and temptations. 

But this is not what God intended for Christians, at least not for the majority of us.   He wants us to exercise our spiritual muscles.  He pushes us through the spiritual boot-camp of life.  He wants us to achieve some powerful biceps and quadriceps.   There are no shortcuts; no magical muscle enhancing surgery. These muscles only develop through use.

Are you also suffering from some spiritual muscle soreness?  Have you faced some recent challenges that tested your faith and revealed your true heart condition?  It's for your own good.  God has a sovereign plan behind the tests you are currently enduring.

While we may be called to the desert for a period of time, God doesn't want us to live a spiritually lethargic life, separated from all non-believers. 
"I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one."  John 17:15
I thank God for blessing me with Jeff and little Abby to whip me into spiritual shape.  My muscles would be seriously atrophied without them.  


  1. As a single girl, I am thankful for the candor about marriage. It's easy to feel like sometimes when you meet "the one" life will suddenly be all rosy and perfect. Knowing that there are trials and "sore muscles" being married helps make it easier to be patient with the "sore muscles" that come with singleness. I enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amen. Marriage and motherhood have been used by God to sanctify me in ways I never could have imagined. Keep working those muscles, my friend. It's worth every minute. And Jeff and Abby will rise up and call you blessed one day. :)

  3. So true! "Have you faced some recent challenges that tested your faith and revealed your true heart condition?" Yes! Thank you for the reminder that it is always for our good, and that it is not God's wrath but His love for us!

  4. Anne, sometimes I think Christian women spend so much time praying about God's perfect will for their life that they are then shocked when Mr. Right falls a bit short of their expectations. The perfect Husband is found in our Savior and while here those of who are married enjoy the privilege of having our character strengthened through our relationship with our husband. It's a process that involves pressure, strain, and grinding off rough edges on both spouses.

    Thank you, Trisha, I pray I walk close to God every moment during my remaining days on this earth.

    Petra, I personally would prefer a life of ease, but the end result would be disastrous. :)


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