Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Facts

Fact:  It's difficult to sit through any type of sporting event with an 11 month old child, especially one who likes to poke and grab the poor young man sitting next to her.

Fact:  It's much easier when said child falls asleep in the middle of a noisy arena with thousands of screaming bull-riding fans.

Fact:  I tried to run with Abby in the stroller this evening, but it sounded as if the wheels would fall off so I stopped.  Maybe I'll try again next year.

Fact:  I wish humans had plugins that could be downloaded.  I seem to be lacking the Organization plugin.  Or does that come as a gene?

Fact:  The longer I'm a mom, the crunchier I get.

Fact:  I have a jar of homemade infused antibacterial cleaner stewing in my laundry room.

Fact:  I also have a maiden jar of sauerkraut stewing in my laundry room.

Fact:  Tomorrow I will be trudging through the woods searching for a deer my husband thinks he shot.  

Fact:  I had the opportunity to pound play the piano at church yesterday!  It was the first time in several years after moving away from my home church almost 3 years ago.

Fact:  I still miss Wisconsin and my church family there.  They continue to influence my life more than they will ever know.

Fact:  I spend too much time trying to prepare for and plan for my future. 

Fact:  My weaknesses make me rely on God even more.  

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  1. Hope your trek through the woods produces deer results. ☺ My great-grandmother used to put her kraut in a crock...buried in the backyard to cure. Umm...ewww!!! LOL

    LOVED your facts today! Thanks so much for linking up, sweet bloggy friend. ☺

  2. Unfortunately, the deer is probably roaming around the fields enjoying his freedom. My husband thought he got a decent shot, but it was literally the last minutes of hunting and with him wearing bifocals, the dusk approaching, etc. I'm not sure what happened.

  3. Great facts list. I especially appreciate the organization plug-in and too much time preparing for the future facts. Blessings! I'm subscribing by email since I keep missing these somehow.


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