Monday, June 27, 2011

In Need of a Sermon

We are once again searching for a local church to join.  When I say "local" I mean a church within 75 miles.  Yes, that's considered local here.  We learned this is the definition of local when we purchased a washer/dryer set from Lowe's and they offered free local delivery and it included us way out here in Beloit.  Of course I joked about trying to order a pizza to be delivered here from Salina.

I struggle at times with the feeling of an empty stomach spiritually speaking.  Today was one of those days.  It's so hard when you have a baby who doesn't like to be away from mom for any length of time.  I'm always grateful for those churches that have a speaker for video system for those in the nursery.  I like to listen to God's Word being preached even if I'm not up in the auditorium.  Abby enjoys the music and sometimes sings along in her own little way, but has not learned to be quiet during the preaching.  She thinks it's time for her to get a few words in too.  Where can I order a "cone of silence" for a baby?

Needless to say, I missed the teaching during Sunday School and the preaching in the morning worship.  Due to the miles and lunch and other logistics we were not able to attend an evening service.  So I turned on one of my favorite live webcasts of a church service and enjoyed good singing and testimonies, but no preaching!!! God had worked in the lives of many young people and they wanted to share what God had done so that was a blessing.  It's just that it feels like it's been so long since I've been able to enjoy one good sermon.  

You know a sermon delivery service wouldn't be too bad.  I would pay to have a good preacher show up at my house during the week and preach a couple of good sermons.   I would cover his mileage and maybe give him a big glass of sweet tea and a slice of pie or even a full meal.  All of this to take place out on the front porch so as to prevent any appearance of evil.   The neighbors could probably use a little preaching too.  I think a tip should be based on how good the sermon is and I expect doctrinally sound expository preaching that lasts well over 45 minutes.  None of the namby-pamby feel-good fluff with a sprinkling of humorous illustrations throughout.  So is there a Christian Craigslist out there where I can post my wanted ad?


  1. Sweet sister, I know this season is hard when it comes to going to church. As a Mommy who's been there and looks back, I encourage you to enjoy these moments when your dear daughter wants only to be in your loving arms. One day, all too soon enough, you'll be able to sit quietly, without interruption, as you listen to the sermon. I'm still not I have little ones, yet. But that baby that didn't want to let me hear a sermon is now 16, and 14 and 10 and 9 and 6 and 4....

    I hear your heart here, and I love your sense of humor. Praying God would pour out fresh supplies of grace on you today. Love and hugs!

  2. Praying for you as you seek to both raise your daughter, and find a church home to feed you spiritually. Makes me even more thankful for our little church and the solid preaching I hear each week. Well, mostly hear, as I too am still training my three and five year olds to sit still and quietly in the services. :)


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