Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loving Your Neighbor

"For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'" Galatians 5:14

On Tuesday afternoon we moved to Beloit, Kansas.  Any move is stressful, but moving with a seven-month-old baby was even more of a challenge.  It was difficult for me to help load the moving van and clean our apartment and it made me almost feel guilty.  I do realize caring for Abby is a priority at this time.  Thankfully family and some church friends came through and helped us out.  

We hit the road late in the afternoon and didn't arrive at our destination until 10:30 PM.  The house we moved to presented some unknown twists as we had only seen pictures of it.  It was all so overwhelming at certain moments. 

The following day was difficult again as I had to watch Abby and couldn't devote much time to assisting Jeff unload the truck.  Unexpectedly, a neighbor couple showed up.  He unloaded our big pieces of furniture and his wife brought over cookies and offered to watch Abby.  For two hours she pushed Abby around town in her stroller while I unloaded boxes.  It was wonderful.   The next day she dropped off fresh produce from their garden and washed our laundry when our machine broke down. Neighbors popped over and said hello.  One offered Jeff a beer (which he turned down).  His wife encouraged me to stop by and play the piano any time.   She separately invited both Jeff and I to attend church with them. 

This neighborliness has caught us off guard.  We're not used to such friendly individuals.  It has been such a pleasant surprise and made me more aware of my shortcomings as a neighbor.  Have I taken note of what is happening in their lives?  Have I shared my resources when they have been in need?  How can I better fulfill God's command to love my neighbor as myself?  My neighbors have been wonderful examples.  I'm so thankful God has placed them in our lives.  I pray I will have the courage to share God's love with them in return.

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