Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Femiman Phenomenon

I work with youth so I try to keep somewhat abreast of their latest trends, challenges and addictions.  I'm not that old, but I feel so disconnected at times from what these kids are experiencing. 

So have you heard of the word "femiman?"  I guess it was coined several years ago and it's fairly obvious who it refers to.  According to the Urban Dictionary it's "one who is born a male yet is constantly mistaken for a woman." 

How often have you seen the femiman squished into his skinny jeans?  Ewww.  What are they thinking?  And why do the girls find them attractive? Do they think the femiman will be more sensitive and thoughtful? Give me a masculine man who doesn't mind raising his voice or his blood pressure, as needed.  And yes, this is the type of man I married.  I would much rather be upset that I can't persuade a stubborn man to change than fret because he refuses to be a leader. 

Now Levi has added fuel to the femiman phenomenon by offering the ex-girlfriend jeans. 

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