Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Final Chapter

I'm a Hospice volunteer.  I love what I do because I don't fear death.  I've held the hands and prayed with individuals as they pass into eternity. I enjoy bringing a little comfort to those facing their final days and months. 

Yesterday Abby and I visited a new patient.  I had delayed the initial visit as I had been sick for a few weeks and didn't want to expose my patient to my sinus infection.  We visited *Keith, but he seemed very sleepy and didn't respond to my introduction and comments.  It's a challenge to carry on a one-sided conversation, but I do the best I can.  After several minutes of chatting with/to him, I prayed for him and then left.

A few hours later, he passed away.  He was actively dying and I didn't know it.  

How many times have I been oblivious to those around me who are spiritually dead and physically dying? This the most dangerous combination there can be. I must not pass up the opportunities I have to share Christ with those I meet.  How selfish and indifferent of me to refuse to share life with those facing death.

*Not his real name. 

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