Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Monster Inside of Me

Have you ever watched the show "Monsters Inside of Me?"  I've opted not to, but have seen brief glimpses of the show's previews.  It's disturbing to consider how humans could have parasites invade their body and wreak havoc.  This thought creeps me out enough to want to avoid seeing specific details. 

I thought of this show today as I was trying to teach Abby (now 6 months old) the meaning of the word "No."  I realized she had no idea what this word meant when I used it on her a few days ago.  I had a four-month-old in my arms and Abby was on the floor playing.   She rolled and scooted her way over to an entertainment system and became fascinated with the cords.  Anything that looks remotely interesting goes into her mouth and I wanted to stop her so I told her "No" in a firm voice.  She had not really heard that word before so she ignored me. I was forced to get up in the middle of feeding the baby and roll Abby back to safety. 

Since then I realized I must teach her what the word means before she's faced with a more serious temptation.  She likes to flip over onto her belly while I'm changing her diaper.  It's cute to see how fast she moves, but I decided I would use "No" on her each time she tries to do this.  I tested the word out several times today and each time it made her mad because I was not allowing her to do what she wanted to do.  The monster inside her has began to rear his ugly head.  Isn't it amazing how early this happens?  It's become fairly obvious that we have a stubborn and selfish child.  Oh, she's adorable and we love her dearly, but she's infected with the monster of a sinful nature, just as we all are. Sinful from birth as Psalm 51:5 tells us. 

The monster of this sinful nature cannot be conquered until Christ's redeems that individual.  Even then we continue to battle it's uprisings against our spiritual nature until we receive our glorified body.  I'm praying for wisdom and the courage to be consistent when it comes to teaching little Abby.  The monster can be defeated through Jesus Christ, the One who crushed Satan's head on the very first Easter. 

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