Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sleep in the Midst of the Storm

Last night we took Abby  on her very first camping trip.  The temperature seemed to be ideal and rain was not in the forecast.  It was a bit windy when we set up, but we continued to check the weather for storms.  

The night began without incident and Abby went to sleep without any trouble, but then the wind began to blow.  It grew stronger and stronger as the gusts reached nearly 50 mph. I finally put Abby between us and then laid awake praying we would stay safe.  I didn't fear the tent blowing away as there was plenty of weight holding it in place, but the thought of the tent poles cracking and ricocheting into our faces didn't seem like a pleasant prospect. 

For most of us our fears grow significantly worse in the dark.  All I could hear was the wind howling, the rain fly flapping and the poles groaning as they strained under the pressure.  Jeff and I barely got any sleep.  And what about little Abby?  She slept peacefully through nearly all of it, waking only at her usual time for her early morning snack.  She had no fear as her parents were there to protect her. 

Jesus slept through a severe storm one night about two thousand years ago.  He was able to relax enough to sleep as He had nothing to fear.  The weather obeyed Him since He was in control. Mark 4:39 I thought of this story as I lay there praying for safety as I embraced our sleeping six month old.  Our Sovereign God is in control of the weather and I asked Him to calm the storm and keep our tent standing.  Eventually the calm came and we enjoyed a few hours of sleep.  We were safe and the tent had absolutely no damage.  Cabela's makes quality tents, but I'll give God the credit for this one. 

We were the only tent out there last night as everyone else was safely ensconced in their RVs and fifth wheels.  I'm sure the other campers were questioning the sanity of the couple in the tent with a baby.  We did not intentionally "tempt" God, but I'm so thankful He looks out for us when we put ourselves in precarious situations. 

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