Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Slow Road

I struggle with patience.  I believe I'm fairly patient with individuals who need extra care such as my little girl, but when it comes to life's circumstances, I hate delay. 

A few years back I was forced to exit off interstate (so to speak) and directed onto a rural country road where "leisurely" describes the pace.    It feels like being stuck behind an oversize load on a winding no-passing zone road.  I'm back here honking and fretting, but none of this makes my travel down the road any easier or even begins to speed up journey.  Do you know where I'm coming from?

Instead I should be enjoying every moment that God gives me as His Sovereign hand is behind all that occurs in my life.

But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. James 1:4


  1. It's just one of the reasons I love the doctrine of God's sovereignty. It reminds me to rest in where he has me and enjoy each moment. We were just reading today about God's providential care over the sparrows. If I had learned that when I was so much younger, what it really means, I think I would have spared myself years of being such a worrier. :) God's grace is sufficient, though!

    BTW, I'm a friend of Petra's. :) She's one great lady, isn't she?

  2. If God is in control (and He is) then what do I have to fear? I understand this in my head, but it can be difficult to remain filled with faith and calmness during the tough times. Yes, my faith sometimes seems strong until it is tested.

    I enjoy Petra's perspective. Have to wait till baby is sleeping to catch up on all the blogs. They are truly an encouragement. Thank you, Trisha.


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