Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God's GPS

Yesterday we returned from a whirlwind trip through several states. It was a quest to find a new job for Jeff. We knew we wouldn't live in this current location long, but where exactly does God want us? I wish we had a GPS sent from God with turn-by-turn directions. Why did the Israelites have reason to complain when they had the shekinah glory leading the way? But God asks us to walk by faith and the last two and a half years have certainly been a test of my faith.

The trip was not successful in the sense that Jeff did not find a job. We met some wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ who went out of their way to help us. The spiritual bond we have in Christ is amazing, isn't it? We enjoyed visiting parts of our country that have blooming flowers and budding trees. We had lots of family time together. And we were able to rule out several possible options.

I told one of my dearest friends this morning that it appears we have come to the fork in the road similar to Abraham and Lot. I am desiring the lush beautiful land of certain states we have explored, but God is going to send us to a land that may initially seem like a dry wasteland, but this location will help us bear an abundance of spiritual fruit. We are seeing God's hand move us in a new direction. Stay tuned for details.

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