Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mistake = Frustration

So we purchased a new (to us) vehicle this evening.  Or at least we thought we had.  We had the checks in hand, two of them, when we drove more than 50 miles to pick it up.  Unfortunately the name on the checks was incorrect so they are essentially worthless pieces of paper.  This was a private buyer so glitches can sometimes happen. This one happened when someone (we won't name names here) assumed the female was married to the male.  They appeared to be a couple and they had children so they had to be married, right?  This was most certainly incorrect. 

So the nice timetable we had for registering the vehicle, driving hundreds of miles and camping this weekend seems to be impossible all because a name was wrong.  I wonder why this happened?  God is sovereign so there a reason why it occurred.  From our perspective it is so frustrating as it was human error that could have been prevented with a few pertinent questions. 

James 4:14-15 compares our lives to vapors.  James encourages us to say, "If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that."  So Lord willing, we will get this messy situation straightened out.  We have a spacious vehicle parked on our driveway, but we can't legally drive it until that time. 

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