Friday, April 1, 2011

Squandering a Gift

As a full-time mother I'm unable to generate much income.  With a lot of  time and effort I can sometimes make up to five dollars a day writing reviews or posting bargains online.  This is a mere pittance compared to what I could make per hour at previous jobs.  I'm very frugal and go out of my way to save our family money.  This frugality can sometimes lead me to become somewhat stingy and attached to my few dollars. 

I have a friend who indicated they needed some items as times are difficult for them.  So I purchased a few small things they said they needed.  Unfortunately they wasted these items and never used a few of them;  essentially acted as if they didn't really care that I given these gifts to them. I fumed inside when I saw this response. How dare they squander my money?  Don't they realize how hard I have to work to make a few dollars in order to give them something special?

Hmm.  I wonder if this is the way God feels?   Have I been squandering grace and taking for granted the sacrifice that was made for me?   I am reminded of Hebrews 10:29 that refers to those who have trampled the Son of God underfoot.  These are serious words. 

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