Monday, May 23, 2011

Be Ready with An Answer

I was upstairs packing boxes this morning when I heard a knock at the door.  I hurried down to the door to find a well-dressed lady at my door with a friend who had a baby in a stroller.  I immediately noticed a Bible in the lady's hand and guessed they could be Jehovah's witnesses.  I was correct.  I felt so unprepared as I had never spoken with any at my door since I had previously worked during the daytime hours. 

She had her Bible opened to Psalm 37:10-11 These verses speak about the meek inheriting the earth and the Bible she was using referred to the wicked one being taken away in verse 10.  I find it difficult to understand scriptures when they are taken out of context.  (That's why I love expository preaching.)  I don't know a lot about the beliefs of the JWs, but the selection of this verse seemed rather odd.  When she asked about peace on this earth I told her I didn't believe this world would have peace until the thousand year reign of Christ after Christ returns to reign with the saints.  She proceeded to offer me the Watchtower magazine, which I promptly refused. 

I then asked if I could share a little about my faith.  I explained my background as a pastor's daughter and how at the age of seven I was under heavy conviction regarding my sin.  After fighting this conviction for some time I was saved by God's grace and repented and put my faith in Jesus Christ.   She nodded and agreed that this was wonderful. 

I asked her who she thought Jesus Christ was and she said He was God's Son who led a wonderful example for all to follow.   I explained to her that I believed in the Trinity: Father, Son, and Spirit.  Of course she disagreed we both realized our conversation was going nowhere.  I told her I believe the Bible holds all truth and the more we study it and seek God's direction the more we will understand. She thanked me for my time and left. 

I prayed for both ladies immediately.  I really felt I didn't accomplish anything or approach them in the proper way.  Is the goal to win an argument?  Is the goal to show them their errors?  Is the goal to establish a relationship with the individual hoping to share more truth in the future?  I really don't know what questions I should have asked, but I am glad I was able to share my personal testimony, albeit a simple one. 

I suppose the lesson I learned was that I must be better prepared. 

"Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear"  I Peter 3:15
I've known so many who have taught we approach those who are deceived in an aggressive and confrontational manner.  The meaning of the Greek word for meekness is mildness of disposition and gentleness of spirit.   I should never use a sledgehammer to try to drive the seed into someone. 

I've also realized I have a tendency to speak using Christianese language.  It's so difficult to get past this when it's been ingrained for so many years.  The unconverted have no idea what these trite little phrases mean. 

God has continued to provide opportunities for me to share my faith with individuals recently.  I pray I will be a bit more prepared next time.

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