Monday, May 16, 2011

God's Creativity

Yesterday afternoon Jeff, Abby and I took a stroll on one of the local nature trails.  We didn't stay out too long as Abby wasn't entirely thrilled with the idea of riding in the stroller for any length of time.

Not enjoying her ride too much.  Note the bruise on her forehead from lots of recent tumbles.

The sun was brightly shining and soon our senses were flooded with the smells, colors, and sounds of spring.  We were especially excited to see so many varieties of birds:  ducks, geese, yellow warblers, sandpipers, osprey, and several others I couldn't identify as I hadn't brought along our field guide.

I was reminded of God's creativity.  Only a creative God would create thousands of species of birds, melodious calls for mankind to enjoy, flowers in numerous colors, and an array of pleasant smells emanating from the blossoms on trees and flowers.  He created all things according to His will and pleasure.  If we enjoy the beauty of this earth now, how much more will we enjoy that which is not tainted by sin's ugly curse?

I find it fascinating that man or woman in expensive designer clothes does not compare to the delicate beauty of the lilies in the field.  Matthew 6:29   We serve the greatest Designer.  Those of us who have been redeemed are His masterpieces, handcrafted for a specific purpose in His kingdom. Ephesians 2:10

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