Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ointment in the Eye

Abby has had a blocked tear duct since birth.  It's been an annoyance as I'm always cleaning the crustiness or goop off.  People ask questions and her eye looks unappealing in photos.  At her doctor's appointment on Monday her doctor prescribed some antibiotic ointment for the eye.  I'm also supposed to massage the blocked duct with a warm washcloth and a little baby shampoo each time I change her diaper.  She doesn't mind that.  But the instructions accompanying the ointment are a bit more complicated.  The pharmacist stepped over to the consultation window and reviewed the steps with me:  "Now put a 1/2 inch strip on the inner lower eyelid  three times a day for seven days."  I should have requested a demonstration.  I never knew a baby could squeeze her eyelid closed so tightly.  I'm fearful I'll jab the tip of the tube into her eyeball as she thrashes her head around screaming.   Her long black eyelashes end up covered in the ointment and I just hope some of it will soak into the eye area.  I even talked Jeff into trying it as I wanted him to realize how difficult this was.  He essentially failed also.  Now I've resorted to holding up one of her favorite toys with my left hand and distracting her as I quickly try to squeeze a bit of the ointment into the eye.  Ahhh, the challenges of motherhood.   Yes, I'm still grateful to be a mother to my precious daughter. 

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