Friday, May 13, 2011

New Mommy Style

I’ve noticed the clothing I wear has morphed into "new mommy style" in the last six months.  Before I dress each day I go through a checklist of questions:

  • Have I invested enough money into this item that it’s not worth ruining today?  I’ve been able to get most stains out, but there are a few select items it’s not worth taking a chance on.
  • Can I nurse in this?  This rules out almost all dresses.  Someday I shall wear them again.
  • Is the shirt long enough?  Seems I need longer shirts after becoming a mommy.  I have a couple of theories, but won’t share them at this time.
  • Would this pattern or color camouflage puke, drool, and remnants of baby food?  Someone should absolutely come up with a new camouflage pattern just for mommies and perhaps it could be absorbent too.  And disposable clothing sounds like a good idea.
  • Is this shirt sturdy enough to provide modesty if my daughter decides to pull down on the neckline?  Why is this fun for babies?  I’ve had to jerk my neckline up so many times when wearing any stretchy comfy shirt in public.  
  • Will this fabric became a lint roller if I decide to play on the floor with Abby?  Never a good look and difficult to rectify unless you have some duct tape handy.  
  • Does this outfit reveal my lack of muscle tone in the stomach area?  I’ve lost the baby weight, but my body shape has changed.  Guess I have to actually work at toning those muscles if I want that flat stomach again.  Oh well, too much time and effort.  Maybe some other day.  
Today I learned I should not wear a flowing knee-length skirt when carrying Abby.  When the wind picks up and your skirt also gets a little lift, it’s difficult to know what’s a priority . . . keeping your baby safely grasped in your arms or tucking the skirt down.   

I love shopping for affordable clothing at resale shops and on clearance racks.  Guess it's time to hit a few stores and expand my wardrobe a bit.  Of course, what woman really needs an excuse to shop for clothing?


  1. Oh too funny. I can so relate! Another thing I've found is that skirts that button up the front don't work well. Busy little baby feet can have half of them undone about 5 minutes into a sermon.

  2. How embarrassing, depending on when you realized you were unbuttoned. I don't have many of them so I guess I'll push what I have to the back of the closet.


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